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Indio Gris



Notice: we hope that our readers will excuse the postponement in the issuance of Indio 61, which was due to an invasion of computer viruses and of Congresses. Anyway, what we are offering you is not little.


 "20 years of the foundation of the Psychoanalysis and Poetry School"

Miguel Oscar Menassa

 To inaugurate a congress is a delicate task, because not only one has to fulfil the theoretical and ideological requisites but also the political ones, that is to say, that a congress always shows either the failure of an economy or else the ways towards a new economy.

 But this time, the question has complicated itself by the fact that it isn't only a matter of inaugurating a new economic direction for Cero Group but also, to be able to celebrate the roads already traversed:

 20 years of the foundation of the Psychoanalysis and Poetry School in Spain, in 1981.

 30 years of Cero Group First Manifesto in 1971.

 40 years of my first published work, Pequeña Historia  (Small Story) in 1961.

 To put it some way, we are ready to celebrate an institutional trajectory, a grupal trajectory and a historical trajectory.

 I must confess that I don't  believe it totally either, and if we hadn't written it, none of us would be able to distinguish reality from one's own dreams.

 In 1971, we were young, nevertheless we wanted to leave in writing and signed.

 1-     Our love for poetry.

 2-     The time of the Unconscious is the prior future, that is to say, the present is what fixes the past as material.

 3-     We differentiated theory from ideology and made use of both.

 4-     We declare to know two theories: the Theory of Value and the Theory of the Unconscious.

 5-     Considering the ideological aspects of our social conducts it was clearly seen that we wanted equality of resources for all citizens, that is to say, at that time, we thought that the world was for all human beings.

 In 1974, in the Editorial of issue Nbr. 0 of the Cero Group Magazine, we opposed, with certain treachery, Psychoanalysis to Poetry. The treachery consisted of Poetry always being the winner. In spite of this trend, in that piece of writing, two phrases were produced that not only allowed to give those first steps but, even now at this very moment are permitting this congress and its consequences.

 1-    If everything is already destroyed when one begins, there are no doubts, the possibility is poetic.

 2- Between madness and poetry there is an abyss. For madness,    myth is its destiny. For poetry, myth is its entertainment.

Madness is driven from the past. Poetry is determined from the future.

 Six months later, in the Editorial of issue Nbr.1 of Cero Group Magazine, we defined a way of being, a policy, a way of living.

If culture says no to our vital acts, if the anti-culture accuses us, we are facing a special phenomenon.

 On the walls, yes, but with good handwriting.

 In poetry as well as in Psychoanalysis, not to be able to stand uncertainty is a good motive to change one's profession.

Let no one come. No more plans, the advent of a poem will have to surprise us all.

And with sadness, because we cry for that, we realise that the world is not for all human beings. Almost half of men have no education, almost half of men don't have enough food, almost half of men have no health and many men die for the freedom they will never obtain.

In 1975, the Second Cero Group Manifest is produced. Wretches are defined as the ones who eat the bread that doesn't belong to them, the ones who are ill-disposed to bake the bread that we eat.

And traitors are considered the ones who get bored with small and with big things, the ones who get bored in general are traitors.

Cero Group declares in its Second Manifesto that their members will have to age and die as anyone else, but that doesn't speak about the vitality of the significance (what is significant).

No mercy for those who celebrate all witty remarks.

No mercy for those who repeat the beloved gesture instead of loving it.

No mercy for the one who always says no: he is a foreigner.

No mercy, pure impiety for those who mistake our flesh with the bloody lights that will resuscitate, it 's believed, with fornication.

 No mercy, perfect impiety for him who fleeing away from us, bumps into us.

Pleasure will be the encounter with what I am not nor belongs to me; pleasure will be: the pleasure of differences.

Already in Madrid and even before the foundation of the Institution Cero Group School of Psychoanalysis and Poetry, the following were Published.

 Salto Mortal (Somersault) - Buenos Aires -Madrid, 1975-1977

 We set up the Staging of what still governs our representations:

 I only want to say that being submitted to its inexorable laws,  

words produce devastation.

She is unpunished, she combines with everything.

She loves imperfections excessively. Her being is totally time.

In this state, all the combinations of words generate poetry.

It's necessary, that spatial shapes- the ultimate luxury of reason against what is poetic-humane- burst into fragments.

The shape will be no less than the deformations that the violence of the combinations may impose on it.

 Saying, always to say.
 he who no longer can resist,
 he who cannot
 come down from heaven
 or ascend from the abyss,
 will be the poet.

 Canto a nosotros mismos, también somos América.   (Song to ourselves, we are also America.)

 A poem called the Cero Group Third Manifesto where the poet assures:

 No longer roots, no longer for us the illusion of having. Since always a poet, I didn't need of my body to live. I kept giving words to the     voracious claims of justice. A war of words against biology, against modern physics. We speak and we write, we are humane.

Perversion?, or the Death of the Word?, and Psychoanalysis of Love.

This book which started as an answer to a request, was transformed into an opening of a field, that is started with this publishing in 1978. Poetry and Psychoanalysis, mutual affectations where truth escapes from one's hands.

A writing where the antecedents and the possibility of thinking theoretically the new field are produced, Psychoanalysis and Poetry.

First International Manifesto

A proposition of a different reading of human events, history, sciences, ideologies, work, love, everyday life.

"We are a group, a different way of looking; when we look we are included in the gaze".

And if along its twenty-odd pages someone hasn't understood what it is about, the First International Manifesto concludes:

" I want to imagine
that to change definitely
man's destiny,
will have nothing to do
with any dictatorship.
Nor sciences. Nor riffles. Nor poetry. Nor love.
What we need is,
I say it simply,
a transformation.

The body, as we saw,
doesn't exist.
neither the word.
It is about a combination:
We are a group".

Cero group, That Impossible and Psychoanalysis of the Leader. (1979)

If Perversion or the Death of the Word shows the theoretical possibilities of the new field and the International Manifesto states that there won't be transformation without a group, in the Psychoanalysis of the Leader, the bases of a grupal philosophy are set (the way in which citizens  think, live, love and write), a Cero Group poetic where the poet is clearly differentiated from poetry and love, from lovers. And the group is defined as a machine which produces individuals.

In this book the fall of the Berlin Wall, the failure of Soviet communism, the entrance of American goods into communist China, were anticipated. You are alerted against dictatorships that democracies can exercise, already some countries are with us and it is advised to poets to read poetry and to psychoanalysts to psychoanalyse themselves.

In 1981, Cero Group School of Psychoanalysis and Poetry was founded, today we are celebrating its 20 years of existence, and in the Foundation Act we assured:


 June, 1981

 After five years of psychoanalytical practice in Madrid, since our opening in August, !976, we took the decision, for the first time in the context of what is called International Cero Group (Buenos Aires, Madrid, Cali, Israel), of founding the First Cero Group School of Psychoanalysis. 

  A decision which took us two long years of conversations and was based on the necessity that the practise of the great majority of psychoanalysts and psychotherapists in Madrid, may rectify the errors they  commit or those which they teach to commit. And not only caused by the lack of theoretical and psychoanalytical concepts but also the lack of limits that these concepts establish.

 We want to say that without the limits that the psychoanalytical theory establishes for its technical practice, the practice not only stops to be psychoanalytical but it is transformed into an unproductive practice.

 We want to oppose to the positivist reading of Sigmund Freud's work, which concludes sustaining and proposing the scientific negation of Psychoanalysis, a more epistemological reading (materialistic) so that it can show in its productive development that the Freudian discovery is not only of scientific character (and that it is because of the way it was produced), but eventhough being scientific, questions the philosophy (on the other hand positivistic) that rules the production of the scientific knowledge.

 And this will not only be a theoretical discussion but also a political positioning, as we know that it is precisely in our environment, Madrid, where empiricism has won the heart of almost all of the psychological consulting rooms and,  what is even worse, the heart of all the schools which intend to teach Psychoanalysis. Territory, Madrid, we say, where the famous conscience has not only won the street, but also the thought of those whom because of their social function (psychoanalysts) should be the true soldiers of the unconscious.

 What we say can be seen in the psychoanalysis of almost the whole of the "psychoanalytical" groups in Madrid, where the logic of reason leads to the negation of the only possible discovery of our century, the unconscious.

 We want to oppose to a careless practice of psychoanalysis, which is practised  in the majority of the psychoanalytical consulting rooms, or else an affected  and unproductive practice that old-fashioned psychoanalysts use, a practice where the truth of the psychoanalytical method in its maximum exigency of transforming to become a psychoanalytical method, not only to modify the life of the psychoanalysed, but also and simultaneously, the life of the psychoanalyst.

 To go back to Freud, but not to search in an obscure place of his work something that might have been missed by others who went back, but to go back to the Freud of "The interpretations of dreams", to produce in the reading of that first psychoanalysis text the discovery and the way to produce it.

 Not to go back to hysteria but to its fundament, that is to say, the theory of the unconscious. To go back to Freud not to commit the mistake he has already committed, when he said that the word by the mere fact of being uttered, would cure, but to go back to the psychoanalytical theory, where Freud will now tell us that without the formation of that singular field that is generated in the psychoanalytical relations (and that we all call transference) the word has no action.

 To go back to Freud to produce in his texts what he has already produced, a theory that questions (and that's not little) the entire thought prior to it.

 On the occasion of Cero Group First Manifesto, in Buenos Aires, in 1971 (10 years have already gone by), we spoke about the importance of two texts nailed in our gaze: The Interpretation of Dreams, by Freud; The Capital, by Marx, that didn't mean that we were precisely Marxists or psychoanalysts by the mere fact of pronouncing them, but it meant that our gaze illuminated by the light of those two discoveries: the theory of the Unconscious, the theory of Value, would read the current theories in the field and also the theories renowned at that moment as an instrument of reading.

 And, as it was expected, everything happened. What we couldn't do, and that was the reason for our insistence, was to transform the theory of value into a dogma ( as happens in almost all of the so-called socialist countries and in all leftist parties); what we couldn't do was to transform the theory of the unconscious into a doctrine (as happens in most psychoanalytical institutions and also, in certain marginal groups that show not so much off-centring, but ignorance).

 We know that many of those to whom that writing was directed, live, work and teach in Madrid, meaning that our insistence has not only the incisive character of a repetition, but the incisive character of a pertinent interpretation so that everything may be transformed).

 Madrid must read Freud, and this decision takes us to inaugurate our school with a group of studies of Freud's work of three-years duration, despite the fact that the majority of the members (founders of the school) had to go along this road, because among them, the exercise of the psychoanalytical practice oscillates between five and twenty years. Madrid must read Freud.

 We live and work like psychoanalysts in Madrid, that's why we will read Freud, and this is the road we are indicating, for the time being, to penetrate in the field whose limits and reach the psychoanalytical theory imposes.

 On the other hand, we don't ignore that Lacan's work is also a psychoanalytical work and that we therefore will have to read, but we are already speaking of a second cycle, that will not start in our school until the finalisation of the first one and that will have to have as a characteristic, the productive reading of Lacan's work under the light of the Freudian discovery.

 And if we have learnt well what we said we have learnt, no one can remain without psychoanalysis, that is to say, that the aspirants, the teachers, the members, the co-ordinators, the patients, the psychoanalysts, and the members of the administrative staff, if there were in the school, have valid excuses not to be psychoanalysed. And this is finally a law.

 A member of Cero Group Psychoanalysis School, has to choose between a terminable or an interminable psychoanalysis, without any doubt must choose the interminable psychoanalysis because in that acts the possibility of practising as a psychoanalyst.

 20 years later we are qualified to show how our formation as Psychoanalysts and Poets was, up to now and we are in condition , the next 20 years, to offer the Community what we were able to build for ourselves.

 A psychoanalysis at the reach  of any salary during a year and the central seminars of the School, Sigmund Freud's and Jacques Lacan's works will be given free of charge, once a week during three years, by the School's psychoanalysts.

 And to inaugurate the XII th Cero Group Congress I'll tell you, especially you psychoanalyst of Cero Group that so far I have been an exemplary Mother and I never committed too many mistakes. Right from the start of the game, the moment of foundation, I knew that a Mother is just there, made of stone, forever, because her chore is to produce what is new, to take care of what is new, to let it go.

 Mother and Poet then, rather than being together, are the time where Death surrenders.

 Mother never existed, that's why she cannot die.

 The Poet is his verses, and verses don't die.

 Thank you very much.


Indio Gris