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CS: The other day you said that we are inventing a very interesting type of creator, because Cero Group people are creators of reality. If you don't work, you can't be a creator.

MOM: Of course, if you abandon everything because of creation, it isn't creation, it's neurosis and the world is full of neurotics and besides all the creators prior to us were more neurotic than Pomona (Argentine soft drink made of orange), they suffered a lot. We only suffer to work in the production of money, our suffering is over. We make love happily, we paint happily, we write happily, we publish books happily, we make recitals happily, we go about the streets happily. "and don't you ever suffer?" Yes Sir, I'm also a Christian, I have to work in order to produce money, to be able to walk happily down the street. They are revolutionary theories at the level of middle bourgeoisie, of the intellectual bourgeoisie…I think that  the intellectual who doesn't pay for street lightning and cleaning services, lives in a dirty city, badly illuminated… If nobody would pay taxes, there would be chaos and you know that chaos, if you are a genius, leads to creation, but if you are a normal person (and we are all normal people), leads to discordance, to rebelliousness. That's why disorder is counter-revolutionary, because it has to do with the compliance or not of certain inner laws. If I'm a very disorderly person, what does it mean? That I have slaves, that I am in Greece, I am the writer, the artist and I have twenty, thirty, forty slaves who are there to make my disorder.

Do you see what it costs to make a poetry book? Disorder is, for example, to publish the last poetry book, which I will publish now (South of Europe), just the way I had imagined the first time, that is disorder. Instead I read it 20 times and took away poems, I corrected poems, I altered it, so now it's something social for me, it's something that when placed there in the market, benefits everyone who is near. Instead if I had published it the way I had thought it the first day, I would have harmed some, I would have benefited others… as any human gesture.

 A book of poems by a man like me, who has written so many books, has to try to serve everybody, which is impossible. But not being able is one thing and my not trying is another. Remember that the wisdom of the lamas  is to keep on trying in spite of knowing that it's not possible. The lama is he who in not finding the solution, says he has no solution, the Great Lama is he who knowing, as his companions, that the problem has no solution, keeps on trying to solve it.

 Because culture has nothing to do with the individual, culture is there, if you want to take you inherit it, if you don't want to take it, you don't inherit it. Also in Africa a poet appears every now and frequently, a woman appears claiming for her rights. In spite of the undignified way in which some women are treated in some tribes, there are more women making themselves heard in those tribes than in Europe, where they are treated "ideally". And I compared it with Africa, if I come to compare it with Latin America, they lose largely.

 The other day I started to think in the general strike, the unions have to demonstrate that they do something. Or we look for another form of protest or they aren't going to listen to us. For example, we go out into the streets to publicly express ourselves but no one read the law. If 500,000 Spanish citizens read the law and they really don't agree with it, that is more powerful than 70 public meetings. A public meeting caused panic when it provoked a change in the government, when a public meeting attracted the people.

 AD: All the public meetings ended in '68.

 MOM: Something that hits like a general strike used to hit 40 years ago, something that hits like a sustained public gathering used to hit during two or three days 50 years ago. Because it no longer hits, there was assimilation, governments are very powerful because they assimilate. When it is said that Communism failed completely we are referring to the fact that it failed in Russia, like the Christian democracy failed in Italy. But Marxism doesn't fail, in the sense that capitalism had to generate new ways of adopting the revolutionary ideas, and it has already assimilated it, they way of protesting of 50 years ago which we keep repeating, is totally assimilated.

 I think that we have to disorientate the enemy. I, for example, sometimes think: we stay here with the young people painting the whole night, not on canvases which are more expensive, but on paper, we oil paint 400-500 papers and the next day we sick them all around the government house. I say that this does more than a public gathering, because someone will understand and with one who understands it's enough: "see what all these people are capable of doing with much less money than the Ministry of Culture". That I think we have to start comparing ourselves with the state, because what the protesters from 50 years ago did, the state swallowed up. We, modern protesters, don't do anything yet.

In the same way as the state knows that if I increase a point here, the protest is worth something, and when they are wrong the government loses, if they say "let's tighten a little here that only 5% of the population will rise" and 15% of the people rise, the government loses. But an intellectual of my sort, of my category, knows how the government works. For example in Argentina there is a green one who is promising I don't know what; being a modern intellectual I think that doesn't work because they can't allow it. They want to nationalise the banks when what has to be nationalised are the Argentines. Write this.

How can I ask someone who doesn't belong to Cero Group to work for us? How can I ask someone that doesn't feel Argentine to work for Argentina? That is why the more "loyal" people, the people who work for Cero Group, is the only people to whom Cero Group protests, to the people who work I can say "how is it that you put that there".

I can say something to someone who made a painting, I can't say anything to whom doesn't do anything and, even less to whom is totally alien to painting. What am I going to tell him? Instead, if you feel close to Cero Group, then I'm interested in correcting the error, there I make an effort so that the error isn't made and, of course, the citizen can also think that "they annoy me, who abides the procedures", but you are part of the one who abide the procedures, you are accepting a law, you are producing a law, something will have to change, you are producing a different way of life. And that isn't for free.


I am the one who reaches from the deep centre of the earth.
The vile ozone,
the passionate oxygen of the universe,
the brutal blood.

I have decided to live on an astral trapeze,
to be the intergalactic puppet.

I come from the earth,
I am the furious seller of illusions.

My life is everyone's life.


When everybody was waiting for my disappearance, I disappear.

I am the perfect charm of poetry at full comfort.

A vulture storing its own carrion. A sadness belittled by the accomplishment of being.

At open sky I play this desperate note.

I love and I am loved.

When she narrates how I love her, I must admit being the only one to do it that way. Obstinate beloved, stubborn solitary serpent tied to my throat. I cry for you, I break you into pieces in my eyes. I have with me that cruelty that you ambitioned so much.

I was that open delirium where your smile fitted in perfectly. And we kissed our legs tenderly, because the toads croaked happily an unexpected future. I meet you once more, I always meet you once more when I open my mouth, when I let your gaze ostentatiously slide through my mouth. We were little gods and, also small bloody devils. a mixture of servitude and freedom, both inconceivable. Like an empty hole in the midst of the sea. Like a silent, death curfew.

Whistling coming from the sea.

I have sweetly missed your flesh during the whole night. I dreamt, I tied myself to the arms of death and your body kept calling my attention.

The coldness of my body was disquieting. You used to call me "love, love, coldness is our dream, death, death, death our inseparable companion, love, love, time over us will take revenge, of the thick men of the snowy lands of hatred".

It delights me to write, a noise like a hundred cannons related to the most potent part of what is humane, the rest, all of the rest, rifles rotten by time.


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-Today, doctor, is 24th December, today is my day to be with my family. So that when I finish with my session with you, I'll try to go home and celebrate Christmas with my current family, I hope so, which I don't know what kind of fucking ritual it is. But as everybody celebrates it, I celebrate it and I have to spend my money in the celebration as if I knew what's being celebrated. Perhaps this happens to all family fathers as it does to me. What is your opinion about this?… of course, you never answer me when I wait for it, I'm getting to know you, see doctor, well don't answer  me, the season celebrations are the season celebrations and they are always organised by a woman even if they are organised by a man. What profoundly makes alike a man and a woman is that, for both, the mother is always a woman, and this equality wasn't deeply dealt with by philosophers. Do I bore you, doctor?

 - We continue the next time.

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I went down to the street. I remembered, while I was walking towards the  café, that he had told me:

- You are going to make me have a beautiful prick so that I can enter  her and make her enjoy like a mad woman.

 I nodded in acceptance. That night the room trembled and together we flew farther than Pegaso. I'm happy.

 I must not forget that I have no expectations.

 The awakening of my sexuality at 52, makes me understand better my husband, in the sense that I myself would pay, what he sometimes pays, to go on living my sexual life as I'm doing these days.

 To start moving a corporeal energy which in action turns erotic all the areas of the body and the environment.

 How wonderful, to feel as the vagina loses its limits and its mucosa is a sensitive and throbbing sponge! What a wonderful thing!

 - Good afternoon - she says this time truthfully in another café. I came to fetch you. I had beautiful dreams during the night.

 At that moment, when I saw her, I wanted to write:

 - What a wonderful thing to feel the throbbing of my huge dick… The waitress interrupts me to say to me:

 - They are the favourite games of the Doctor, he is delighted with them.

 - …dick, she said spitting the germ of humanity.

What do you think?

Pornography   or     Eroticism

So far people have voted:

Pornography: 250.000                                    Eroticism:390.000

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I have realised that for being able to save, one has to be careful with everybody. One of the arts of saving is to negate yourself to others, but the fundamental art of saving is to negate oneself.

Afterwards, of course, one has to save.


The fishhook, this time, is for fishing from sardines to sharks.

I hope that the staff doesn't recall their mothers during the journey.

   I try in five  minutes what I couldn't do during the whole afternoon. To write a poem, in such a way that no one can say that I spent my life doing nothing.

 I'm waiting to work and, nevertheless, I realise that following the trail of joy there is some work in the most superficial, most ethereal, there is a work, he who doesn't want to realise it, should continue living with his mother.

Narrow passes are symbolic. The road is the one of death.

Having confused my little shit with the great death, is only possible at the expense of stealing prestige to death. Not being able to write about her, neither do I posses her.

To write like a desperate or a mad man isn't worth it. What a disaster! Now there will be people who happen to judge me for having written, among such shit, a poem.

The circus, the real circus, hasn't yet started. There I will be at last the famous giant that, not being able of nothing, was able of everything.




The new law of foreignness and other poems
by Miguel Oscar Menassa

 Poet, psychoanalyst, physician, painter and editor.
Currently, he directs the Cero Group School of Psychoanalysis
and the magazines "2001 Nights", "University Extension" and
Indio Gris"  

Friday,july 19th. 2002 at 9.30 p.m.
Within the activities of the XIII International Cero Group Congress,
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